Our Core Values

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We want our people to act and to think as an entrepreneur including taking responsibility and accountability for their performance. We want to have the decision power as deep as possible in our organisation enabling our people to be empowered to be the right and competent partner for our clients and suppliers, setting the  highest  standards  and  always giving  one’s  best in transforming concepts  and  ideas  to  profitable  business  ventures.

We work in an open and transparent way ensuring to comply with national and international standards of doing business in a morally correct, honest and respectful way. We want our people to be role models and balance short-term results with long-term requirements. We provide genuine care to our focused service.

We deliver timely and complete information to our clients, suppliers and colleagues where they can rely on, support teamwork and walk our talk. We are managing the  resources  entrusted  by  our  stakeholders  and  diligently  exercising  full  responsibility  for  results. We have faith and trust in our employees and we are loyal and support them in times of need. We share information but keep confidential that needs to be confidential. We believe in building long-term partnerships based on mutual trust, working together towards a common goal while building synergy, accountability and a long term commitment.