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Set up in 1931 the present Curacao Trading Company GmbH has developed into an efficient organization within the CTC Group. The office is located in the business district of Hamburg, one of the main economic hubs of Germany and an important sea harbor of Western Europe.

As one of the CTC group's export-offices we have developed an expertise of many years in business relations, logistics and credit management. Our knowledge of local markets and local clients is based upon a long term relationship with our own local CTC offices or with reliable distributors/agents. Our name stands for expertise and reliability in international trade and marketing. The world is our playing field. Our clients and markets are located in Middle East, Africa, America and Asia.

For our European clients we offer natural ingredients for food and cosmetic products. In cooperation with universities in Hamburg we offer scientific proof for our ingredients and support your business with individual solutions and formulas. We are a reliable partner when it comes to improving your food products. 

During recent decades we are and have been active in substantial volumes of the following products groups:
-Food and Food Ingredients, including spices
-Finished Goods which includes sausages, pate, and beer
-Canned Fish
-Pharmaceutical and Medical Products
-Industrial Chemicals