Dominican Republic

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Our office in the Dominican Republic supports local manufacturers as well as wholesalers and import companies since 1986. We provide a wide variety of products in the food segment and the specialization in food ingredients. Our local staff is very experienced and has built strong relationships with reputable companies in the Dominican Republic.  We source and develop key ingredients for product success offering always quality, and proven performance in all product categories we handle.

Our main lines includes functional proteins, enzymes, natural cheese, butter and cream concentrates. Nondairy creamers for several applications. We also work with customized vitamins and mineral premixes, high quality soy ingredients and soy milk, specialty flours, Flavor solutions for Food and beverages.

In the cosmetics, and personal care segment we offer fragrances and botanical extracts.
We also are a proven solution of dairy trading, in the Dominican Republic.

Products for Wholesale and Importers:
-Saltfish: Norwegian & Canadian bacalao (saithe, pollock, hake)
-Canned sardines: various origins, including Thailand
-Spices: Cassia Vera A, Cloves, pepper (black, red, white), nutmegs, Star aniseeds, aniseeds, etc
-French Fries deep frozen
-Grain and pulses: Canary seeds, sunflower seed, millet seed, popcorn, oats
-Smoked bloaters from Canada
-Dairy products like FCMP, SKMP, MPC, Fat Filled Powders etc.

Specialties for the Industry: chemicals, food and raw material
-Paraffin wax and hard wax
-Vaseline (petroleum jelly) and white oil for the cosmetic industry
-Flavors and Fragrances
-Dairy Products
-Mono-sodium Glutamate