Vidara Partners with
CTC Global for Vegan Solutions

April 28
From April 24-27, 2023, Vidara, a renowned food company specializing in vegan alternatives, hosted a transformative joint venture training event in Spain. The attendees included representatives from CTC Vietnam, CTC Indonesia, CTC Philippines, and CTC Group’s Chief Scientific Officer, Lars Wiemann. 

The training aimed to facilitate the joint venture between CTC Global and Vidara, focused on developing and producing vegan solutions for the B2B market. With a shared commitment to sustainability and meeting the rising demand for plant-based options, the partnership seeks to create innovative products like vegan sausages and vegan cream cheese.
During the event, participants engaged in intensive workshops and knowledge-sharing sessions, leveraging their collective expertise to explore new avenues for vegan product development. With Vidara leading the training as the host and trainer, attendees had the opportunity to learn from industry leaders in the vegan food space. 

This collaborative effort sets the stage for the successful integration of CTC Group Global's international network and resources with Vidara's expertise in crafting delicious vegan alternatives. By fostering connections and sharing best practices, the joint venture training event laid a solid foundation for the future production of high-quality, plant-based solutions for the B2B market. This partnership promises to revolutionize the industry, providing businesses with a diverse range of vegan options that align with their sustainability goals and cater to the preferences of conscious consumers. The event showcased the commitment of both CTC Group Global and Vidara to driving innovation and creating a more sustainable food landscape through plant-based alternatives.

Vidara - Partnering for Life