In CTC, we compromise enriching your products with
natural goodness

We are a leading provider of premium natural ingredients that elevate the value, nutrition, and performance of your products. Our commitment to clean labeling and sustainable sourcing ensures that your creations meet the evolving demands of today's conscious consumers.

Food Ingredients

Protein Solutions:
Enhance the nutritional profile of your food products with our diverse range of protein ingredients, catering to various dietary needs and taste preferences.

Flavorful Experiences:
Cultivate culinary delights with our extensive collection of natural flavors, ranging from delicate fruit essences to bold spice blends.

Prebiotic Powerhouses:
Promote digestive wellness and gut health by incorporating our prebiotic fibers into your formulations.

Soy and Pulse Flour Alternatives:
Embrace the versatility of plant-based proteins with our array of soy and pulse flours and fibers, ideal for gluten-free and allergen-friendly products.

Human Nutrition

Nourishing Wellness:
Support healthy living with our comprehensive line of nutraceuticals and functional raw materials, designed to address specific health concerns and enhance overall well-being. 

Personalized Nutrition:
Cater to individual needs with our customizable nutrition solutions, tailored to various lifestyles, dietary restrictions, and health goals. 

Science-Backed Ingredients:
Experience the power of scientifically validated nutraceutical ingredients that deliver proven health benefits.


Natural Radiance:
Create cosmetics that embrace natural beauty with our extensive portfolio of natural additives, ranging from nourishing emollients to soothing botanical extracts.

Sustainable Solutions: 
Craft environmentally friendly cosmetics with our selection of sustainably sourced and ethically produced natural ingredients.

Sensory Delights:
Indulge the senses with our range of natural fragrances and essential oils, adding a touch of luxury to your cosmetic formulations.
Partner with us and unlock the potential of nature's finest ingredients
and elevate your products to new heights of quality, nutrition, and performance.

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